Salt & Bones

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A 2-player competitive board game.
Master the game’s unique tempo of careful planning and precise execution.

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Salt & Bones is a 2-player competitive board game where you are locked in a captain’s duel, drawing from the same shared decks and maneuvering around an ever-changing battlefield.

Two rhythms play each round, one of strategic preparation and the other of fast-paced area control.

Our design ethos was simple: no plan, no matter how perfect, survives contact with the enemy, so the one with the better Plan B wins.

salt and bones kickstarter link
salt and bones pnp rulebook download link
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About the Studio

The Pen & Dragon is a Toronto-based studio by David Cairho and Ariel Lui. Their goals is to create board games with deep meta mechanics that facilitate and reward strategic thinking and counter-playing.

Cairho brings to the table considerable informal and formal design experience. He has attempted to redesign every game he’s ever played. His experiments can be seen in the activities of his gaming group, from video to tabletop gaming. When he DMs, it’s usually with homebrewn DnD campaigns.

Ariel brings a ton of experience from the games tables – thought strictly as a player. She enjoys competitive and cooperative games alike; her shelf is full of crunchy euros and whimsical artsy works. Outside of that, she has extensive experience in project management and logistics, especially on the international scene.

Salt & Bones is The Pen & Dragon’s debut production to market.

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